White Horn


The dosage sensitivity of Kratom is no more a myth. Nearly every user knows that best effects come with the small dose. For the new users, here is the basic dosage guideline.

  • A small dose (2 grams-4 grams)

    Brings the stimulation, improves the mood, adds motivation, enhances the work efficiency and energy boost.

  • A moderate dose (3 grams -5 grams)

    Brings active attitude control, significant energy boost, best nootropic effects and improve the cognitive as well as the physical working of the user.

  • High dose (4 grams to 8 grams and over)

    It usually brings the extreme relaxation, energetic experience along with euphoria. The euphoria only appears on higher dose whereas all other effects start to fade away.

    For this reason, it is famous that Kratom works best on small dose when approximately all effects hit the user for a long time.

    These effects last for 4-6 hours and new users; it may last even longer. Users suggest to try it on an empty stomach for the more fulfilling experience with stable outcomes.


The benefits are what adds to its fame at large. People prefer to use white vein leaves of horned strains because of the following reasons.

  • It elevates the energy level

  • It is a natural stimulant

  • It improves the mood

  • It initiates a positive thinking

  • It is a nootropic Kratom strain

  • It is euphoric


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