Shipping Policy
Mitragyna Speciosa Borneo offers free shipping to the USA. Any expedited shipping method and other countries will need to be negotiated by telephone or contact us. All shipping methods will come with tracking information. We will replace any order not displayed by the USPS tracking number. If an order indicates that it has been sent, you must contact your local post office to find out why you have not received it. We will NOT replace orders indicating that they have been sent by the post office. If there is a package returned by the post office to us, we will try to contact you and confirm the address. If the address needs to be changed, we will negotiate the re-conversion fee. The package you receive will only say “Mitragyna Speciosa Borneo” at the sender’s address and it will be very wise and simple.

E-Check Notification – If you choose to use the e-check option for payments with paypal or our other payment gateway, please know that this can delay the delivery of your order several days. The sooner we get the final payment, the faster we can deliver your goods. thank you